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Is a Social Media Revolución Around The, Here

It was pretty depressing when 63.5m Facebook and 35.5m Twitter users were reported in China as this would be a really nice sign of change… The moment the masses divert their own free will to a non-governmental alternative, it is very difficult to take it back from the people. Take taxes for example, it is far safer to create new ways for “taxation” and government profit. If within the current system you would take away the proud right of no to pay taxes. It would be an outrage and smaller companies would feel strangled, especially sense the problem is elsewhere. Much easier to throw in a apartment property tax of 20% for example which has a bunch of other more justifiable benefits.

The social media blockage since 1999 makes estimating figures rather challenging and besides, if there would be so many users of these banned platforms wouldn’t we already be hearing about it. Despite the prevention mechanisms the Chinese people are connected with the rest of the world just like everyone else. Better yet, they love to talk..!

What can be noticed is another type of revolución which has already happened. Which might have been left a little unnoticed by the government. In a country where government policies are simply forced upon its people, prevention of powerful forces that could do the same are in effect. That is the reason why giving even government controlled social media, isn’t such a brilliant idea. Yes, they can and will block whoever comes out aggressively and in such an imposed world there are plenty of those frustrated people. But the one who simply sets an example of himself, without imposing on any views is the one who has the power to give the opportunity for others to realize something for themselves. The most dangerous idea is the one that has been thought of the individual himself.