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A Wonderful Cute World of Pandas Or?

Pandas have been a long discussed subject, especially when it comes to newborn cubs that are so incredibly cute! But why, what is really the fuzz about these cute little cuddly things. The truth is a bit less fuzzy as portrayed by the media.

The fact is that pandas are rather difficult to reproduce, as in mating. In fact pandas would have long been extinct without the help of humans due to their picciness in sexual tendencies. So despite the horrifid portrayed picture of humans horribly endangering the existance of pandas, it could be said that it is simply a natural evolution of the species on this earth for non-competitive animals to become extinct. Such is the acase of the cuddly panda.

To get them to mate, one must create a very romantic mood or setting that will encourage them to have sex. Dispite this, even after having sex it is not sure if they will produce any healthy offsprings. Despite having a newly born panda it is still very unsure if they will live or not.

Another interesting fact that even though everyone wants to touch them it is crucially important that one doesn’t. It can be possible that the mother rejects the cubs after being infected with the smell of humans. It’s a cruel world, but visiting the Beijing Zoo there is one fact that no one can deny. They are extremely cute!