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The Shanghai Seaside

Shanghai is known for it’s close proximity to the sea. Yes, there is a huge port industry buzzing near by, yes there is a coastline very close to the city. However no one really ever hears about anything that’s going on over there!

The reason is simple. It’s the fault of the pollution overshadowing the beautiful climate of the city. Once you are inside the city limits, one can feel the air blowing from the sea which is quite pleasant. But what happens if one decides to venture to a nearby beach perhaps. Well, one might be very surprised of the outcome.

Just like Beijing, or pretty much anywhere else in the northern hemisphere of China, the air quality is more or less bad. So even though the cool sea breeze might help to clean out some of the air pollutants, it is clear that the government has yet to find a viable solution to the problem.

When you approach the Shanghai coastline, one might wonder where the hemisphere is. Well, it is often now visible because of the thick smog. As for swimming, mostly it is out of the question since the water is muddy and dirty with pollutants of all kinds. Therefore tourists tend to ignore the fact that Shanghai is right next to something that could be a beautiful coast line.

Locals however are more indeed of refreshing moments and have approached to dams as a solution. By isolating an area of the coast line and using advanced water filter technology, the people of Shanghai have been able to create artificial beaches. What’s surprising however, is that people still prefer not to swim there, neither to take sun since there are only local Chinese!