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A Journey to Beijing

What is it about Beijing that continues to attract visitors? Obviously tourists are somewhat aware of the problems that doom & gloom the city, such as pollution. Those who are on business or study cannot afford to choose their dates carefully, however during the spring and autumn season tourists come in huge quantities knowing their changes of a clear day with a blue sky!

There are many destinations around the world with blue skies all around the year but Beijing has something mystic and truly original about it that continues to attract it’s visitors. Despite the fame of the capital city of China, many might not even know what really awaits for them there. It is a certain kind of pull towards the life there that might not be easy to explain in words.

Speaking of words however, to experience the true fun of the city, Chinese language will come in handy. While it’s possible and highly recommended to do a few Chinese courses before setting afoot, an interpreter will come in extremely handy.

China is full of tour guides who are working more or less independently to bring a service that’s on a very personal level. For such it is unique to China that so many people, especially the young are extremely eager to learn English, meet foreigners.. and what not better job for this is the job of a tour guide.

One good example is May Tours, which is a collective of such tour guides that like to keep their independence. This gives them a change to enjoy their work and ultimately promoting to the enjoyment of the customers visit! Using bigger tour companies is just not worth it…

These bigger companies pay extremely low wages to the guides and might even be more expensive than a regular private tour guide in Beijing. Don’t trust anyone however, check out the reviews and comments previous clients have left!

Please enjoy your stay in Beijing and remember these useful tips. Xie Xie!