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Acrobatics in Beijing Nightlife

We thought we should lighten up a little bit and do something fun. So the team at China Mogul headed down to the famous Legend of Jinsha acrobatic show. According to the show webpage it has been running for already 10 years straight!

What we discovered, was that the acrobatic scene had dramatically changed since any of us had been to one. While there were some negative changes mostly the impression was positive.

It’s obvious that westernization has entered the stage and this brought a totally new vibe to the performance. This brings some of that “spectacle essence” that traditional chinese performance has been lacking off. Luckily not all is modernized as all the most classic stunts such have remained as it is. All in all the Workers Club in Beijing did give out an amazing performance.. and it all finished nicely with a crazy motorcycle stunt plus a standing ovation!

What we would have liked to see more, is a better fusion of the classic and modern. Sometimes between the stunts the change was not fluent and we we’re left wondering what is the story of the show. But at the end of the night, with acrobatics you are not there to see a play but amazing tricks that leave you stunned. This wall well achieved over the intense one hour that we experienced!

Also we managed to snap a few amazing photos from the acrobatic show.. Legend of Jinsha is a true gem in the Beijing nightlife scene!

Acrobatics in Beijing 4

Acrobatics in Beijing 3

Acrobatics in Beijing 2

Acrobatics in Beijing 1