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Chaoyang Theatre is a Start of the Beijing Sky

Another brilliant star in the Beijing sky of acrobatics is Chaoyang Theatre that has been largely popular with both the Chinese and foreign crowds. With two shows on a daily basis, it’s not hard to catch a show to the time of your liking. The hassle is so big that they don’t even stop for the Chinese new year. The vibe is just fantastic!

As far as the stunts go, they would be better explained as “extremely daring” which is why the theater gathers some of the wildest show crowds in Beijing. Our favorite act was the lion dance where you get to see Chinese tradition all mingled with the stunning brilliance of a Chinese show spectacle. Kids can tag along too, but everyone has to pay for the treat. If you came from far, don’t miss it because of your wallet. We’re telling you, it’s really worth it.

The theatre is very impressive as well. Built back in ’84, it retains it’s historical and spacey feel. But despite the old age the facilities are top-notch and can host more than a thousand people at any given time. Despite the big size, it’s often packed so be prepared with an advanced booking.

Bookings are made without any advanced payment through these companies so do use them but please do respect them as well. A guide will come to bring you the tickets in front of the theater building. Great service and if you cant come, let these poor guys know or they’ll be standing there for nothing!

After the show you can eat Beijing duck at a popular restaurant known as “Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant”. Yes, we know the name is long but it’s a popular and a bit of a famous place because it’s just so delicious over there. Check it out or even go and see the CCTV headquarters which happens to be one of the most impressive buildings in the proud city. The Chaoyang Park is also not far away at all, with plenty of hectares to walk around and play.

Performances at the Chaoyang Theatre are held at 5:15PM & 7:15PM. See you there!

Chaoyang Theatre

Chaoyang Theatre