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Chinese for Extravagance!

Chinese Kids Learning English

No, seriously I still haven’t found out how to translate that word to the Chinese people. On the surfance, the mogul seems more occupied with income than vibrating to their new awareness.. but it’s there, the extravagance.

I mostly feel it in Shanghai.. I see people on the metro, they must have build very intertwined communities amongst each other. This “modern breed” of Chinese has a totally different feel to it. They are much cooler, no longer dress funnily.. they are not loud. They have funky hair styles and even seem polite.. and most importantly know how to party.

A lot of them.. speak English. And that’s the barrier I think. When more of this breed, is the type that only speaks Chinese.. then we start to see the effect on society in larger scales.. we start to see opinion flow in the country.

I mean, it’s already happening.. and a lot. Just inside such a massive country, it’s not enough. There should be more of it without a doubt. Extravagance that is!