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China Mogul Goes Opera in Beijing

As many of our readers will already know we are big fans of the performing arts.. as well as, would like to broaden our horizons ever increasingly. There comes a time when we put down our pens and go to venture out into the unknown. But we are humans too and we have pre-asumptions about stuff, like what sucks and what not. But China is full of surprices, and sometimes we cannot stop laughing, yet other times we cannot close our mouths because of pure amazement. This is pretty ordinary stuff in China for us, although the experience is always new and fresh. It’s because the competition is tremendous in this country, which everyone wanting to make it. Of course in other countries too, there are a lot of career driven people.. but for the Chinese it’s a lot more than money, while they usually need the money most. There is a lot of pride involved, and failure is not an option. Sometimes the capacity is not enough because the country is behind in development. At other times, the innovation that arises from undevelopment is just something we think could not be described other than, “brilliant”!

Opera Liyuan Theatre

So what is it that we have been laughing at.. is without a doubt, Peking Opera. The art that looks rediculous from the outside and is laughable from the inside. It really has made us curious and up to the point that we actually had to go and see if for our selves. Thus, we headed on to the Liyuan Theatre Opera venue which was suppose to be suitable for novice people like us. We found it extremely cultura and thought provoking, while getting the laughs at the same time. This is really an experience we had never had before.. because culture, was not to be fun right?! Well, Beijing finally proved us wrong. The opera here is something that makes you think, because it’s outrageous and extremely skillful. Everything has purpose, including all the funny faces and make up. Music is intense, and the stories are enchanting. What more could you want.

Opera Liyuan Theater

Our favorite story was the “DRUNKEN BEAUTY” which is a story of how being an idiot, can pay off. The teachings are simply incredible in these magical stories, and you can see that they were invented way before the times of Mao. Thank god.

Liyuan Theatre Opera

So, Liyuan Theatre did give us hope, that there is hope in Opera. Especially in Beijing, China. Our HQ and favorite places to play of all time. But now again, it’s time to take the pen into our hands and get back to work as always. Forward we go!

Liyuan Theater Opera

Best regards,

The China Mogul Staff