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New Beijing Show! Golden Mask Dynasty

Well, not exactly brand new as this has been going on for some years. But we have seen a renovation of the show and while it’s always been great, now it’s just amazing in what it has become. Just check out the many reviews on tripadvisor, people love it. Still however, not that many people go to see it as most visitors hunt for acrobatic with a limited schedule. If you are not that much into culture and you have some extra time, we at The China Mogul suggest you head on towards the much popular Happy Valley in Beijing. There boasts this “huge investment”, or in other words a state of the art high technology performing arts theatre the hosts the Golden Mask Dynasty Show in action!

Artistic Picture from the Show

It tells a magical story about the golden dynasty in China. While not exactly a real story, it is based on Chinese culture and all in all a captivating story that cannot be forgotten. Just forget to take some deep breaths in between the show, because it is famous for being extremely intense with high speed action and stunning choreography. There is no speaking, so visitors from all over can easily follow the story which is simple but brilliant. Actually, there is no such clear story line, but the performance really takes you with it. Now with the new equipment, smoke machines and huge projectors the intensity is taken once again up one step. Just when you thought you couldn’t do any better.

See the official show trailer at YouTube here:

Great things is, that you can combine your Beijing holiday together with OCT Theatre and the Happy Valley. Just for the valley action, you will be needing a family or child-like personalities. This very popular amusement park in Beijing is not that out of the ordinary, but surely a lot of fun. Either way the Golden Mask Dynasty Show itself is the one that will not disappoint, even for older people. So forget acrobatics for a night and find yourself in the magical world of an ancient Chinese dynasty for a night. As usual discount tickets available. Just getting there is not that easy, a little bit away from the center of Beijing. Xiaowuji North Rd will be where the taxi takes you for cheap as always!

Have a warm winter and happy new year!

The China Mogul