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Why The China Mogul

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If you are a foreigner living in China, most likely you have to ask yourself one very important question. That is, why are you living there. If you can answer that one simple but sometimes rather difficult question, you can stay. If not, you will most likely leave unless you are just running away from something. This is how it goes with foreigners here.. but for the Chinese who were born here, they don’t need to ask that. It’s like they don’t even think that there could be an opportunity to leave China. That is just the majority of course.

While China has achieved it’s mogul status with a loud intro, it is not always so clear why we stay here. It’s like something that you can certainly take advantage of or benefit from. Unfortunately a big amount of business men are simply benefiting from it, or at least trying to. Yet everything has it’s consequences, especially in such a hugely powerful and important country such as China.

For most of us, we came here because of work. But as with all company transfers, there comes a time when you are nolonger needed in China. But still for some reason you stay, to fight and live. Sometimes it’s love, but often enough it is not just that. For many of us, we just got used to living here and going back to the good old America wasn’t so good old anymore. Having seen the world from a different perspective, you change.. and that change is often permanent.

While it might seem scary to some, it is those very people who are also scared of the Chinese mogul might. Those people, who don’t dare to enter their feet into the red republic, yet feed from the economic aspect of it all. Once you jump the wall, you hopefully learn something. Many of those who simply return to their homes, might have not learned.. which to us who stay here is an incredible achievement. Like you have to go through and live in this country blindfolded.

Why the China Mogul? Because we saw something different and became something different. And just the benefit of the distance from over-ordinary everyday life.. gave us something more to live by and live for. That’s why I at least think that I am staying here. Love and work follows.

Thanks for listening and happy Chinese new year! Feeling inspired for the future.