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Having Fun in Chinese New Year Beijing Circus

We wanted to do something fun and while there are a lot of new exciting venues such as the Golden Mask Dynasty Show that we were talking about before.. new year is all about tradition and respecting things that are already familiar to you. At least this is the way we interprate things since year after year, we see Chinese do exactly the same things. That is of course, exactly what we set out to do as well.

In China, mostly known as acrobatics but also to cator a western understanding of the word Beijing Circus is pretty much one of the most awesome things that have landed to this city in a long time. It’s really like western circus, except exploding with a thousand year history of Chinese performing arts. Put together with modern music, dance and even modernised feats that blow your mind. Well, Beijing theater doesn’t get that much better than that.

In the states, the tradition is a little bit similar.. at least in LA where one of the China Mogul members grew up. Going to see some circus performance, such as Circue de Soleil was a common occurence during new year. But in China, of course with the huge population is extremely useful to have a week long new year so people actually have a change to see the show. Either way, the Chaoyang Theater had been booked full long before. Even with three daily shows for the whole long, explosive week.. you needed to reserve your tickets before that. Oh well, there is always a change next year for those who missed this opportunity.. which of couse is an opportunity that we would never miss if we are in Beijing for the new year.

This Beijing Circus Troupe, also known as Beijing Acrobatic Troupe has been showing visitors from all over the world, what are the capabilites of Chinese arts. But now it’s time for the crowd to be dominated by the Chinese. I guess it’s because not that many foreigners dare to go to Beijing for the new year seson and tend to go to more quiet and easier places to celebrate it. Well, if I wound’t have to work I also would go to the countryside.. but that’s not a luxury that that sometimes even all the Chinese can enjoy.

The show consists of several incredible acts, like traditional lion dancing, tight-wire tricks, traditional Chinese conjuring, hoop diving, spring-board feats, amazing juggling, gymnastics and many many more! The whole repertoir is filled with all kinds mind boggling feats.. and especially during new year, with the heightened atmosphere.. get ready to be astonished by the unbelieavable.

All in all, it’s been a good one this year. Circus tricks really nailed the night, food is great as always and there were no accidents with fireworks. Being safe has become one of the main priorities for us, since in the past years there has been quite a few, fortunately small accidents. But we don’t need that.. we want to have fun, enjoy theater and mostly stick to the Chaoyang district that has served the China Mogul pretty well.

We will leave you with a few amazing shots from the acrobatic show. Have a good one friends!

Beijing Circus 1

Beijing Circus 2

Beijing Circus 3

Wang Tan